Camber Toe Floater NOW AVAILABLE!!


 This adjustable alignment street floater axle offers the same features and benefits as the standard street floater but with interchangeable bolt on Hy-Tuf steel spindles that adjust camber and give you 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 negative camber options.  Also features interchangeable aluminum toe plates that adjust toe in giving you zero, 1/16" or 1/8" total toe.  Six 1/2" bolts fasten spindle and toe plate to 4130 chromoly steel profiled housing ends giving you exceptional strength, rigidity, and safety.  The 24 tooth crowned spline axle allows for alignment angles and is the same design that is used in Nascar today. The unique sperical axle retention device controls axle end play and does not require axle shimming.  Now available call for details and pricing.



Why use a Camber Toe Floater?   To increase the performance potential of your car, negative camber is something that should be highly considered. Multiple camber adjustments can  make your car significantly more agile. Adding negative camber, both front and rear will allow for higher cornering speeds, because of increased grip, and a more progressive feeling at the limit of adhesion.  The reason negative camber increases cornering grip is because when a car is cornering, the loaded tire is gaining positive camber because body roll.  Any added static negative camber is reducing the effect that body roll and lateral load have on the loaded tire, giving a more upright tire and a larger tire contact patch, resulting in more tire lateral grip.  Simply put, negative camber helps counteract the natural tendency for a tire to roll onto its outer shoulder while cornering, keeping the contact patch more squarely on the road while cornering allowing for more grip and higher cornering speeds.