ABC Performance has developed a line of Michigan-made products to help you build your muscle car to today’s standards. From suspension components to smoothie firewall panels, we make products that work for muscle car enthusiasts because we are muscle car enthusiasts. We know our products fit and work like they’re supposed to because we use them too!

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Coil-over shocks deliver adjustable ride height and dampening, as well as the ability to custom tune the spring rate for optimum handling. They are the ultimate equipment for performance enthusiasts, and standard equipment in drag racing, road racing and extreme street applications.

Our Coil-over Conversion Kit makes it easy to switch the coil-spring rear suspension in your ’64-’67 A-Body to a coil-over system.

The ABC Performance Coil-over Conversion Kit includes:

We provide a custom spring rate for the weight of your specific car and your intended use.

Our Coil-over Conversion Kit is available with either single-  or double-adjustable Viking Performance shocks. The single-adjustable models offer 12-positions and alter compression and rebound together. The double-adjustable versions allow you to set compress and rebound independent of each other.

All of our suspension components are fixture-built and 100-percent CNC machined,  laser cut and TIG welded for optimum quality.

This Coil-over Conversion kit is also available as part of the complete ABC Performance rear-suspension system. Click here for more information.

Coil-over Conversion Kit

The ABC Performance Coil-over Conversion Kit provides the ultimate in control and performance with a bolt-on kit that lets you return your GM A-body to stock later.

Coil-over Conversion Kit with Double-adjustable Shocks

Price: $900

Plus Shipping and Handling

* Shipping Charges May Vary

* Add 6% Sales Tax for Michigan Residents

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Click here to view the installation instructions:

Coil-over Kit Installation Instructions.pdf

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